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The 123 diet is a cutting-edge weight loss plan from Australia with a focus on maintaining results and empowering our community members. Start your journey today! All products come with clean-eating meal plans and 24/7 support.

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Drops designed for results

Brimming with nutrients, each 3ml dose includes 335mg of diverse amino acids and Gymnema, Astragalus, Rhodiola, and green tea extracts. We maintain rigorous standards and testing throughout all phases of production.

Reduce appetite and cravings

Gymnema extract works to suppress the taste of sweetness and reduce appetite. Both Gymnema and Astragalus extract have been shown to have anti-diabetic properties.

Vegan & vegetarian-friendly

Our diet drops do not contain any ingredients derived from animals.

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Enjoy healthy food with 123 Diet's clean-eating meal plan.

Effective diet plan

Our three-phase diet plan is structured to help you lose as much weight as possible by suppressing appetite and sugar cravings. We also include a free recipe e-book to help you stay on-track during phases two and three.

Support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Our friendly support staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your questions. Call, e-mail, or chat with us on Facebook.

Includes meal plan

Every diet drop purchase comes with a free clean-eating meal plan. Join thousands of others who have lost weight with 123 Diet!

Maintain your results

The 123 Diet isn't just about losing weight, it's about keeping your new weight too. Our three-phase diet plan has detailed instructions on how to avoid gaining weight in the future and what to do if you're unhappy with your results. You can also check out our blog for advice!

Help maintain your new weight

Our Maintain formula could help. Forskolin extract helps mitigate weight gain, Gymnema extract reduces appetite and sugar cravings, and Garcinia extract can help reduce fat accumulation.

Buy now & pay later with AfterPay

We offer payments through AfterPay on all of our products. Pay in four installments instead of one.

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Follow our clean-eating meal plan and maintain your results!
123 Diet Ultimate Package containing Diet Drops, Weight Maintain, and PURA-LAX.

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Ana lost 34 kg

"The support I received from 123 Diet was absolutely amazing, they were always there to help which made me feel special. It gave me the motivation and focus I needed to stay on track with my journey. It didn’t end there, once I reached my goal and went onto maintaining they were still there cheering me on and supporting my weight loss. I felt like I was part of an amazing family and community. 123 Diet showed me how to have not only a healthy body, but also a healthy mind and soul. The 123 Diet not only helped me lose my weight but it saved my life in so many ways I will forever be grateful for. 123 Diet is my way of life now. To anyone thinking of doing this amazing diet, I say don’t wait. Come join the 123 Diet and reap the results as many of us have. Feel the love."

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Ana lost 34 kg in 3 months while on the 123 Diet. Since then, she has maintained her weight. Check out our Facebook support group to learn more about her and thousands of others amazing journeys.

Emma Moroni, founder of 123 Diet.

A message from the founder

My name is Emma Moroni and I founded 123 Diet. For eleven years I had tried many diets with little success, I was overweight and all odds seemed against me. I lost 21 kg seven years ago and have kept it off to this day.

Since then I've wanted to help others along the same journey. I believe that weight loss isn't just about reaching the end goal, it's also about becoming a stronger, healthier, and more self-confident person. 123 Diet is different from other weight loss companies because we understand what it's like to feel overwhelmed. That's why we have such a strong focus on supporting our dieter's.

We have a large community and support group, and our weight loss specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone, e-mail, or messenger to answer any of your questions or concerns.

Don't just take the first step, take the next one.

Thank you for choosing 123 Diet.

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