Benefits of Light Cardio

While on the 123 Diet you may be tempted to try and exercise to burn off weight more quickly—please refrain from that. Light cardio is all you need if you feel like doing any extra work. Not only will this light cardio make you feel better physically it will also help you unwind.

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Eat Healthier, Pack Your Own Lunch!

Eating healthier starts with knowing what's in your food. Preparing a lunch or breakfast ahead of time can significantly reduce your calorie intake. Looking for healthy school or office pack-up lunches? 123 Diet has you sorted.

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Quitting Cola

Here's a few small ways to try and help break the habit of the red and white can: replace it with a nutritous drink, keep yourself hydrated with water, save money by tracking your spending, cut-down by switching to a small-sized coke can, and distribute your calories evenly throughout the day.

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5 Foods To Avoid

If you're looking to lose weight, avoid sugar-free lollies, diet soda drinks, fat-free and low-fat yogurt, bread, and white chocolate.

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