As desirable as weight loss is, diets are also notoriously hard to stick to, or sometimes even to start! However, little good will come from ignoring those extra pounds and a whole lot of bad could.

Thus, this list will let you in on a few reasons delaying your wellness journey could lead to disaster—plus a few of the perks that could come once you commit to change!

1. You Could Raise Your Set Point


Research has shown that most everyone's body has a set point, or a set weight that their body is most comfortable at and will thus work to maintain. However, the longer you stay overweight, the more likely it is that this high weight will become your new set point, which means that you'll probably find it harder to lose weight once you finally do decide to take the plunge.

On the bright side, once you've maintained a healthy weight long enough, it could become your new set point, and your new figure should become a lot easier to maintain!

2. Your Health Could Deteriorate


Research has named obesity as a risk factor for plenty of major diseases, ranging from the widely recognized diabetes and heart disease to less obviously related issues like sleep apnea, increased inflammation, and even Alzheimer's.

Protecting your health also has the bonus of protecting your wallet, since obese people spend 42 percent more per year than those of a healthy weight, which has led to billions in unnecessary health expenditures worldwide.

3. There Will Never Be A "Right" Time


If you're significantly overweight, we'd wager that you are planning on losing weight...eventually. Unfortunately, many prospective dieters make excuse after excuse rather than going all-in. We are going to wait until "the kids are older," or " things calm down at work" or "after that birthday party for Uncle Fred."

Of course, the problem with this line of thinking is that there will always be a next birthday party for Uncle Fred—or some other event or complication that you can use to avoid taking responsibility for your health. If you're planning on losing weight, you don't have to wait for next year, or next month, or even next Monday. Just jump right in!

4. Think Of Your Loved Ones


Some successful 123Dieters were inspired to take action when they faced up to thought that if they continued their lives at an unhealthy weight, they would be unlikely to live to see their children grow up.

Even if your own problem is not so drastic, you still may be modeling unhealthy eating and body dissatisfaction to your offspring (that is, if you have any offspring), which could set the stage for them adopting your bad habits. Your struggles with your weight may also be preventing you from being the kind of involved and energetic parent, spouse, worker, or friend that you'd truly like to be.

On the other hand the power of modeling good behavior can be just as powerful as the reverse. If you adopt a healthier lifestyle, research shows that your weight loss may well inspire your loved ones to undertake their own!

5. You'll Avoid Fat-phobia


Like it or not, Western culture is an incredibly fat-phobic one. Due to many peoples' documented biases against individuals of a larger size, being overweight may make it harder to get hired, get proper medical treatment, or even get a fair trial.

If you are overweight, you may also have a harder time finding clothing, get publicly reprimanded for your food choices, have your abilities underestimated, or have to pay extra for a simple airplane seat. Of course, the existence and impact of these institutional and individual biases is utterly reprehensible—but if you remain overweight, they may well prevent you from living your best life.

6. You'll Be More Competent and More Confident


Eating a healthy, diverse diet of lean protein and abundant fruits and vegetables will give your brain the micro-nutrients it needs to function optimally, leading you towards better moods and sharper focus. On the other hand, the dubious ingredients and excess white sugar and flour present in processed "junk" foods are likely to leave you feeling sluggish and weighed down.

Committing to a healthier lifestyle—and, eventually, seeing your efforts show up in your mirror and on your scale⁠—could translate to feeling more in control of your body and your life, which could in turn empower you to go after your wildest dreams!

7. You May Find Activities You Enjoy


Though exercise is not required on Phase 2 of the 123Diet, you're still welcome to engage in plenty of low intensity exercise like walking, yoga, swimming, cycling, andZumba as part of your wellness journey. Many of these activities have documented mental benefits as well as physical ones, and theycan also just be a whole lot of fun!

In Phase 3 and afterwards, you can also add more intense exercise to your routine, opening you up to options like high intensity interval training, hard core strength training, or even pole dancing!

Exercise-related habits, however, aren't the only ones that might cross your path once you begin dieting. Making yourself healthy meals could easily ignite a passion for cooking, or you can experiment with gardening to grow your own wholesome fruits and greens!

8. You May Make New Friends


While you're unlikely to meet many people sitting in front of the TV with a bag of crisps, you are likely to meet them while out engaging in the activities mentioned above. A shared interest in wellness could also be an awesome icebreaker with any other dieters or health-conscious folk.

Supporting each other through a process as difficult and intense as weight loss could also help deepen your bond with long-time pals and old acquaintances alike. If you'd prefer some virtual buddies, 123Diet has a thriving online support group as well as two recipe groups that can help you out with inspiration, commiseration, and ideas for some super-tasty 123-appropriate meals!

If any of these reasons have you convinced, feel free to learn more about the 123Diet at the links above or on our website! Of course, if it turns out that Uncle Fred's birthday really is coming up or there's any other reason you don't feel you can make weight loss a priority right now, we'll still be ready whenever you are!


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