Sweet Chilli Steak Salad Phase 2 and 3
Ingredients: • 100g steak – chopped into squares • 1 egg white – hard boiled • 1 cup of diced
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Summer Salad Phase 2 and 3
    1 egg yolk and 2 egg whites 2 cups of spinach leaves 1 large apple chopped into small
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Cauliflower Base Pizza Phase 3
Guilt free Pizza for PHASE 3   Serves 6   1 cauliflower chopped 2 eggs 1 tsp garlic salt 1 tsp
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Vegan Soup Suitable for phase 2
Serves 1   Ingredients: 2 cups Vegetable stock in water 1/2 cups Red Lentils 1 Onions (diced) 1/2 bunch Kale
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Japanese Chicken Salad
Serves 1   100g chicken mince 4 Celery stalks diced 1 Apple diced 1 Onion finely chopped 2 Tablespoons apple
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Guilt free Chicken Burger So tasty the kids won't know they are healthy
Chicken Burger   Serves 4-5   500g chicken mince 3 crushed grissini sticks 1 onion finely chopped Some finely chopped
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  • Always read the label and use only as directed
  • It is important to follow a balanced, calorie-controlled diet, which includes fresh seasonal fruits & vegetables, in order to maintain overall health and well-being
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